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Azureus Shu Mod was first created back in 2004-2005 as a private Alpha version with only one option called "Stop torrent after Downloading" to avoid uploading once the download was finished, since at that time I was learning Java programming and couldn't find a way to create a "no upload" feature. I was just getting to know the design details of Azureus, which contained more than 6000 files at that time.
Still in 2004-2005 I discovered Azureus’ Smasher's Mod which had some basic fake ratio features so I decided to contact Smasher and gave him my feature so he could add it to his mod which he did. So I continued using his Mod for a while.
Later in 2005, it seemed that Smasher had discontinued his project so I decided to restart my own mod and publish it to the world using the forum "" in competition with the smasher's mod. It quickly became superior to the Smasher's mod, as people asked me to add new features.
I had the source code of version 1.7 of Smasher's mod so I reviewed it to create some fake ratio & no upload features.  However after taking a good look into it I never copied his code over because it wasn't a proper way of doing the job. So I dug deeper and managed to find an excellent way to do the no upload (directly by destroying the peer piece request messages) and also added some fake ratio features, which were also quite different from Smasher's mod. Smasher was generating the fake ratio only on tracker updates and was displaying something else on the user interface (GUI) which didn’t make sense to me, because that information was different from the one generated for the tracker.


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