New server for website

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New server for website

Post by hellwich »

Hi all,

Just fyi, a quote from my ISP:
Dear D. Hellwich,

This is a last reminder about the migration.
The current servers will go offline tomorrow (31-10-2008) at 12.00.

We have already placed a copy of your data on the new server, you just have to start your processes on the new server.
If you have problems starting your processes you can recomplile and start again.

if you encounter any problems feel free to contact us.

Kind Regards,

Skyberate Internet Services
This means that the board will probably be offline tomorrow (that's until I'm back from school to fix it).
It also means that I now have a 2 gb. datalimit :( So please take this in mind...
Furthermore, the new server uses a new control panel to manage the website...

Kind regards,

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Re: New server for website

Post by masterchief »

I know I haven't been active in a while, but if you need some dedicated hosting space, send me a message and I'll see if I can get you a decent deal. :)

Edit: I honestly did not see the original posting date for this lol. Ignore my response. :P