"bind-to-ip settings" ???

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"bind-to-ip settings" ???

Post by Maddin1313 »

I recently got my new pc (with VISTA Ultimate). I installed Azureus Vuze and Shu (Abuze mod).
Abuze Mod works fine, but I have a problem with the portforwarding. When I try "tools -> NAT/Firewall test" it tells me "binding server socket failed as no compatible addresses are available bind-to-ip, please check you bind-to-IP settings".
I have already forwarded a port from my router to my pc and I've checked the firewall. It shows the green "NAT OK" symbol.
Can someone help me?
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Re: "bind-to-ip settings" ???

Post by JazzMatazz »



i found the above, but they havent found a solution yet. sorry.
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Re: "bind-to-ip settings" ???

Post by DON »

im also having the same problem
looking for a solution soon!
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