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2017.11.03 | BiglyBT

FEATURE: UI | New 'Dashboard' that allows you to build your own composite view [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | All-Peers view and Peer Set views now have an associated Swarms view for selected peers [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | Country and language specific chats [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | Added ability to show the reason for a download being stopped [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | Added 'disabled' upload and download speed selectors [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | MyTracker and MyShares views now pop-outable [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | New file column in pieces view to show which file(s) a piece belongs to [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | Piece Map view hover now indicates file extent and file names in tip area at top [Parg]
FEATURE: UI | Some support for showing data file move progress on stopped torrents [Parg]
FEATURE: PLUG | 3D Swarm view now available in download tabs [Parg]
FEATURE: PLUG | 3D Swarm view now has a 'most active' view [Parg]
FEATURE: PLUG | Tracker Templates and IRC plugin ported [Parg]
FEATURE: PLUG | Advanced Statistics plugin ported [Parg]
FEATURE: PLUG | Command Runner plugin ported [Parg]
FEATURE: PLUG | Speed Scheduler now indicates when it pauses downloads [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Built-in tracker now supports I2P and Tor directly [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Added isMagnet and isLowNoise to Tag Constraints [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Added sequential download option when adding a torrent [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Added ability to set sequential ascending or descending from a selected piece [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | New option to prefer anonymous DDB operations for mixed content [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Queuing option to auto-tag first and non-first priority downloads [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | New queuing option to ignore zero-peer torrents when calculating number stalled [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Added some client id migration support [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Recover metadata downloads across restarts [Parg]
FEATURE: Core | Option for hour-based config backups [Parg]

CHANGE: UI | Brazilian Portuguese translation update [Havokdan]
CHANGE: UI | Basque translation update [Azpidatziak]
CHANGE: UI | Nick names automatically prefixed with '@' when selected [Parg]
CHANGE: UI | Use alt+<return> to enter new lines into chat messages [Parg]
CHANGE: UI | Added chat icon to chat sidebar entries [Parg]
CHANGE: UI | Large file sizes now in bold in Files and Archive views in line with Library views [Parg]
CHANGE: UI | New 'getting started' page [Parg]
CHANGE: UI | Don't auto-open beta sidebar view if user manually closes it [Parg]
CHANGE: UI | Referrer option in download window now requires manal selection as defaulting was causing confusion [Parg]
CHANGE: PLUG | Speed Scheduler restarts downloads it has stopped when it is disabled [Parg]
CHANGE: Core | Switch to torrent based updates [Parg]
CHANGE: Core | Reduce config file writes [Parg]
CHANGE: Core | Paused downloads can now be stopped [Parg]
CHANGE: Core | Remove constraint that min simultaneous downloads <= max/2 and added option to link them [Parg]
CHANGE: Core | No longer send java/os info on announces by default [Parg]

BUGFIX: UI | Fix tag views not showing properly in classic UI [Parg]
BUGFIX: UI | Fix sharing view FTUX [Parg]
BUGFIX: UI | Fix category addition window vanishing [Parg]
BUGFIX: UI | Tab view rendering fixes [Parg]
BUGFIX: UI | Fix sidebar tooltip not always hiding [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Fix bug casing lots of threads to be created [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Don't attempt to scrape metadata downloads [Parg]
BUGFIX: Core | Fix deadlock in duplicate startup detection [Parg]
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