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BiglyBT is the continuation of the Vuze/Azureus open source project

Installers come with the ability to migrate (copy) your Azureus/Vuze config, downloads, and plugins.

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2017.09.13 | BiglyBT

FEATURE: UI    | Show small download indicator for pieces not yet downloading [TuxPaper]
FEATURE: UI    | Show Tag constraint error messages [Parg]
FEATURE: UI    | Added plugins website (https and Tor) to About Window [TuxPaper]
FEATURE: UI    | Vote and Bug Report menu items added to Community menu [TuxPaper]
FEATURE: UI    | Added BiglyBT specific chat channels [Parg]
FEATURE: PLUG  | Auto Stopper plugin ported [akidburn]
FEATURE: PLUG  | Global Information Status Entry plugin ported [Shusshu]
FEATURE: PLUG  | Stopped Torrent Auto-starter plugin ported [Shusshu]
FEATURE: Core  | Support DNS lookup intercepts in Java 9 [Parg]
FEATURE: Core  | Now collecting potential received & discard stats when peer disconnects [TuxPaper]
FEATURE: Core  | Maven build setup [Shusshu]
FEATURE: Core  | Added basic BiglyBT DHT [Parg]

CHANGE:  UI    | Brazilian Portuguese translation update [Havokdan]
CHANGE:  UI    | Rate linit updating of selected content [TuxPaper]
CHANGE:  UI    | Show beta unread post count [Parg]
CHANGE:  UI    | Improved names of subscription download torrents [Parg]
CHANGE:  UI    | Make chat settings icon more obvious [Parg]
CHANGE:  Core  | Auto-install Tor Helper plugin [Parg]
CHANGE:  Core  | Remove experimental 'neural' speed manager algorithm [TuxPaper]

BUGFIX:  UI    | Fixed open sidebar entries not saving across sessions [Parg]
BUGFIX:  UI    | Fixed beta URL [Parg]
BUGFIX:  UI    | Better error message when streaming fails with classic UI [Parg]
BUGFIX:  UI    | Fix icon and tray icon on HDPI/scaled monitors [TuxPaper]
BUGFIX:  UI    | Fix 'add category' window disappearing [TuxPaper]
BUGFIX:  Core  | Fixed renaming of files that only differ in case causing file deletion [Parg]
BUGFIX:  Core  | Remove limit on total uptime [TuxPaper]
BUGFIX:  Core  | Fix sort of next subscription scheduler [Parg]
BUGFIX:  Core  | Fixed ability to run multiple BiglyBT instances [Parg]
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