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APR 10 5751 B10
Fix null pointer exception when showing authentication dialog that results in thread hanging
Posted 3 months ago0 notes
MAR 28 5751 B09
Added some tracker stats to buddies
Posted 3 months ago0 notes
MAR 17 5751 B08
Added classic chat key exchange to decentralized chat
peer sets now can include LAN and WAN networks
Posted 3 months ago0 notes
MAR 16 5751 B07
Classic chat changes to improve the boosting feature
Defer constraint application until after archived download is restored
Posted 3 months ago0 notes
MAR 13 5751 B05/B06
Added separate data/torrent file options to Tags
Fixed some config values that were incorrectly permitted to be negative
Posted 3 months ago0 notes
MAR 9 5751 B04
Bring back the ability to edit subscription filters
Posted 4 months ago0 notes
MAR 7 5751 B03
Added option to chat when torrent download fails
Option to hide subscription/search messages
Tag file options (initial location, move on complete, copy on complete) now have additional option to do same for torrent file as the data
Double-click to download in subscription/results view
Added ‘tag_age’ tag constraint variable
Added hack to support tags with a limit of 0 entries
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MAR 2 5751 B02
Added ‘added to tag’ time column to relevant library views
Added an ordering option to tag limits to allow the limit to be applied based on either addition to Vuze time or addition to tag time
Offer to install I2P based on DNS resolution
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FEB 28 5751 B01
Pipe cleaning.
Vuze is world fastest and the most advanced bittorrent client
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