Vuze and IPv6

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Vuze and IPv6

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To unleash IPv6 potential of Vuze you need to meet some requirements:

System requirements:
Linux, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7
Java 7 and network Windows 2000/XP/2003 network stacks are incompatible!
So no Java 7 IPv6 support for Windows 2000/XP/2003

Java requirements:
latest Java 7 snapshot JRE ... index.html
IPv6 connectivity under Windows

This guide is only meant for Vista or higher since IPv6 is not supported by default on XP.

To check if the system has a publicly reachable IPv6 address you can either

Open or and see if either page loads


Open the Options panel in Vuze
Go to the Connections -> Advanced Network Settings section
see if you have an IPv6 address under the list of available network intercaes that does not begin with fe80:

An address starting with fe80: is a LAN-local address, it cannot be used by Vuze for IPv6 traffic
An address starting with 2001:0: is a Teredo-Tunnel
An address starting with 2002: is a 6to4 tunnel
any other IPv6 address is either directly assigned from your ISP or a tunnel.

Teredo-Tunnels should be enabled by default on Vista, but they may provide limited connectivity behind certain types of routers. If that is the case you should consider configuring a tunnel from SixXS or Hurricane Electric (both require you to register an account to request a tunnel)

If you want to make your entire network IPv6-capable instead of a single computer, you have to make your router IPv6-capable, usually by configuring a 6to4 tunnel or one from a tunnelbroker on it. This usually requires 3rd party firmware such as DD-WRT or others, depending on your router. However, there are also home routers like D-Link DIR-615 (only hw rev.C1), which offer factory-built IPv6 capabilities including tunnel support. (DIR-615(C1) works nicely with Vuze when using Java 7 and Vista.)
[edit] Linux and OSX

Current versions of Vuze generally support IPv6 under Linux and OSX as long as the system itself has an IPv6 address. Refer to documentation of your system how to install IPv6-tunnels, 6to4, or Miredo.

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