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Download mirror

Post by kasphersky »

Megaupload is very,very,very troublesome for me AND I BELIEVE the same for other ppl
so can i recommend another file sharing service?
if so it is
-no need to make accounts
-download manager accepted
-site coded in flash
-uploading speed very fast

if people request i can upload shu mod to this site. But i won't be doing it till i have permission of the mod coz the shu mod is not mine....
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Re: Download mirror

Post by xaros »

Care to explain why is "very,very,very troublesome" for you? You don't recognize the 4 characters or don't have 45 seconds to wait?
I'm excited. Are you?
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hooray for sharebee

Post by DigestBytes »

kasphersky wrote:Megaupload is ...troublesome.
SkipScreen :D
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